The rest of the crew

Andy T

An accomplished vocalist and voice coach, plays keyboards live. He was also involved in he production of the album ICI

Lynne B

A talented classically trained musician.

Lynne is a contributing artist on a number of our tracks. She plays piano in Refuge and the Fender Strat’ in Midnight Hour.

Gary S

Gary has historical connections with the band as a musician and archivist. He is partly responsible for the instigation of this project. Not to be left out he plays guitar on a number of tracks.

Matt Howden

A master of the looper and talented violin player. Matt is an accomplished musician in his own right, making a guest appearance in Fall.

You can find out more about Matt here:

Jim Connolly

“The Digital Alchemist”, the man behind our artwork. Jim’s unique style has been applied to the bands image and album art.

Jim is better know for his bubblegum / comic book style city posters. Find out more here: