A quick update

Over the last few weeks we have been experimenting with live drums with a view of integrating them into our set.  Andy has jumped into Pip’s place in the DJ position for those songs that work with drums.  He has picked up the challenge of live looping and providing additional keyboards where necessary, thus freeing Pip up and enabling him to get behind the kit.

We have pulled together an informal video behind the scenes back at base during one rehearsal.  It’s a bit rough and ready, but hopefully you will get the gist.  There is one small clip that was taken from a second take.  We popped it in for a bit of fun to see if those sharp eyed continuity aficionados can spot it.

This video is available on YouTube Here.



March Update

A big thank you to everyone who showed up on Monday night at The Greystones.  It was great to see the Backroom so full.

In our slot we played the following tracks :

  • Confusion
  • Fall
  • Enough is Enough

In April we will be playing again, and aim to try out other venues in and around Sheffield.  I will post and update nearer the time as to when and where this will be.


Quick update

We are starting populate this site, while at the same time to push out demo links and tracks to a few venues that have expressed interest in us.

Will keep you informed as things unfold.



Hi, this is just a quick post to say hello if you have happened upon our website place holder.

Over the next few days we will be building the website and getting it up to speed so you can see what we are doing, where we are up to, and when we will be playing next.

Thanks for dropping by and see you soon.