New Mix of Enough is Enough out now

We have just released a new version of Enough is Enough.  This is the Live Drums mix of Enough is Enough, and is more representative of what you would hear when Pip gets behind his drums in a live setting.

We have added this track to the album ICI, so if you have already purchased ICI, you should be able to download it as part of your original purchase at no extra cost.

You can find it here: Enough is Enough (LD Mix)


Back on Sheffield Live

Its been a few weeks since we have been on the radio, but thanks again to Peter at Sheffield live for giving us some air time this week.

If you missed his program you can still listen to it here for the next few weeks. It’s always worth a listen as Peter plays a wide range of tracks from various artists from in and around the Sheffield area.

Back on the radio tomorrow

I have just been given the heads up from Peter at Sheffield Live to let us know that we will be back on the air again tomorrow Wednesday 20th May between 13:00 and 14:00 BST

You can listen his program on the radio Sheffield Live FM 93.2 MHz

Online at

If you are in Sheffield you can also catch it on terrestrial TV Channel 8, and Virgin Media Channel 159

It is well worth giving Peter’s show a listen as he plays a wide mix of genres from artists in and around the Sheffield area. He is never afraid to play unusual tracks, and makes the point of playing them right to the end. He also resists the temptation of talking over the music.

Sheffield Live goes Ambient

It’s not often that a radio station will give time for a longer length tracks on their play lists.  Today Peter Brooks at Sheffield Live did just that, playing Ambient #1 from start to finish.

Catch the podcast here:

A bit of trivia , Ambient #1 contains an element from each of the other 11 tracks on the album ICI. Have a listen and see if you can spot them. 😉

As ever give a shout out to Peter:

Another day and another play

I sent a copy of Enough is Enough Live drums mix over to Peter at Sheffield live last week, which he subsequently went on to play in today’s program.

It’s great to have the support of a local radio station. As before a big thank you to Peter Brooks

You can listen and download to today broadcast here:

Don’t forget to head over to Peter’s Facebook Page and give him a big thumbs up 👍

Extended version of Mausoleum now available

We have added an extended version of Mausoleum to the album ICI. It is included as a bonus track, so if you have already purchased the album, pop back and grab a copy.

The extend version includes a drop down section after verse two. We had left this out of the Resurrection Mix in order to keep the track length down. However some people were missing it, so we have produced an apocryphal version which includes this section.

You can listen to it here:

You can also find it on SoundCloud:

As ever enjoy and share.


Radio Edits available

We have created a number of radio edits from the album ICI. These are essentially cut down versions of the album tracks.

You can find these on Bandcamp

We have also created a profile on Soundcloud where you can also listen to the radio edits



Hot off the press

Happy New Year everyone, and to help kick off the New Year we have released our new album.

The album ICI, comes with 12 tracks and has songs ranging from full on dance numbers through to chillout ambient. It is quite eclectic, so hopefully there is something for everyone.

ICI is now available as a digital download, so why not head over to bandcamp and check it out, or click here for more info.