The Crew

Pip and Maire are two musicians based in Sheffield, England.

They regrouped in late 2017 to form The Phoenix Project which is their latest work.

Their music can be described as a hybrid mix of retro analogue synth electronica and EDM (modern electronic dance music) with a smidgen of classical.

Singer Maire provides vocals and keyboards.  Pip uses keyboards, drums, percussion, loops, samples and programs.

As a duo in a live environment , they combine DJ technologies with keyboards, percussion and vocals.  When playing with additional musicians, their performance at first glance takes on a more traditional format, until you notice that during the set the musicians can swap around.

Because of this adaptive approach, The Phoenix Project can play various venues of various sizes.

Founders Pip and Maire have an open policy towards other collaborating musicians and actively encourage guest performers to join them, both live as well as in the recording studio.